Digital inheritance
done right

The goal of the proposed project is to ensure that digital assets stored in crypto wallets are passed on/made available to the rightful inheritors, in case of the owner’s death.

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What makes this service so special?
De-Centralised Core
Literally unstoppable - the vault is always secured by having an added layer on top of it that allows monitoring through API integrations.
Double Encryption
You come up with encryption criterias which encrypt the location of your encrypted files. Encryption on top of Encryption.
Trustless Architecture
With the power of Smart Contracts we have created "Smart Vault" which no-one except you can access.
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From the blog
DigiPulse Alpha Prototype out soon!
Existing Alpha features:Vault setupUploading and storing files on the blockchainPrivate & Public key generation for the inheritance procedureLogging in with shaerable Private & Public keyThe interface is also...
Oct 18, 2017
DigiPulse Token Sale is LIVE!
Our DigiPulse Token Sale is now LIVE and we couldn’t have done it without our community - the incredible support, feedback and encouragement that we’ve received over these past few months has enabled us to improve our product and services, as well as launch our second...
Oct 01, 2017
Our Token Pre-sale starts on Sept. 28th
First of all — we’re incredibly grateful for all the support and genuine interest that we’ve received from our community. It’s through their engagement and feedback that enabled us to make vital improvements and helped us get ready for our repeated Token Sale in October.But before our...
Sep 25, 2017
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Clif High

Chief Scientist at "Half Past Human"

DigiPulse is another of these great ideas from open minds in Latvia. Begun as a small business focused on all the atoms we leave behind, they had the good vision to see the digital remains we leave as yet another problem needing solving. DigiPulse considered themselves very well positioned to take on the responsibilities of this space.

As mentioned in "bare naked Wealth! #6"
Are you ready?
join the Token sale or download the white paper."

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