Facebook and you

To start things off, according to the Terms of service drafted by Facebook you are the sole person that is allowed to use your account. That is pretty self explanatory, right? But what happens in the case of you dying? Assuming that you have not chosen a legacy contact in your profile settings, as soon as someone reports you as deceased your profile becomes “memorialized”. This means that everything will stay the same with the exception of the words “remembering” added in front of your name (and you not popping up as a “person you may know”). If this does seem like a decent option, then you shouldn’t worry. But if you don’t want your ghost profile to be visible, then there are a few things your family can take care of.

Basically, a dead Facebook account can have two states – either it is “memorialized” or “deleted”. Assuming that you want the latter, there are two ways to go about this: in your account settings you can choose the option “Request account deletion” that will automatically delete your profile, if someone reports you as deceased. If you have not done this, family members can ask for the deletion of your account, but they will have to provide a death certificate. That does not seem so bad. Now, moving on to the “memorialized” accounts. As it is stated, the account will be there in loving memory of everything you are and have shared on the social network, but assuming you want something altered (maybe some of your loved ones do not want a certain picture of you to be remembered by)? If you don’t have a legacy contact in place, no changes can be made to your profile (it can be deleted though). Because it is not allowed to use another person’s account, your family might have to go through the lengths of getting a court order to make changes to your account.
We here at DigiPulse want to remind you to add a legacy contact in your Facebook profile settings (only takes a couple of seconds). This could dramastically alleviate the mourning process for your loved ones. In addition, the social platform asks for an e-mail that might have been used for the signing up process (to help them find your account quicker). We suggest that you put this information inside your “vault” and share it with your loved ones. In case of the unexpected, we will be able to help your loved ones. Give us a try!